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ASWAN TOURS & sightseeing
Philae temple

Day tour in Aswan , Philae temple, high dam, obelisk

Enjoy highlights of Aswan in Aswan Day Tour. Our tours will take you to the High Dam that created Lake Nasser, as well as the Unfinished Obelisk to see how ancient Egyptians cut these huge stone pillars, and finally Philae


   Trip to Abu Simble by coach

Enjoy Abu Simbel Day Trip by a modern A/C coach early in the morning to visit the two rock-carved temples at Abu Simbel. These temples are unique both in style and in their setting on the banks of Lake Nasser and enjoy the great view there in very great atmosphere.


Trip to komobo and Edfu from Aswan

Enjoy your Day Trip to Kom Ombo and Edfu from Aswan. A day Tour to Kom Ombo Temple, which stands on a high ground overlooking the Nile. Then onto Edfu Temple which is dedicated to god Horus and it considered 


Trip to Nubian village by boat

a day trip from Aswan on an Egyptian sailboat and visit a Nubian village on Soheil Island to enjoy Nubian Village Tour Aswan. Enjoy the scenery on the river and get a closer look at Nubian village life and their life style


Kalabsha temple and Nubian museum

Day Tour Kalabsha Temple and Nubian Museum Aswan. you will visit the Nubian Museum in Aswan, which houses artefacts from the history of Nubian culture. You will then visit Kalabsha Temple.


Trip to Botanical garden and Nobles tombs

Day tour on Felucca boat sailing to Nobles tombs enjoying visiting one of oldest Necropolis in Egypt ,Then sailing to Botanical garden

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Trip to Elephantine island

The Elephantine Island is famous between locals and tourists  because it has the temple of the Egyptian god Khnum. As the story tells, Khnum created man on a potter’s wheel.. The island also houses an ancient fortress, believed to be one of the oldest and strongest fortress in south of Egypt


Aswan city tour

Enjoy touring Aswan city by horse carriage to down town and visiting the market and see all variety and colorful things there walking on streets between locals and enjoying the friendly atmosphere and watching the actual life style of aswan 


Coptic private tour

Private tour introduce and present my Coptic Culture in Aswan. You will visit the most important Coptic Christian attractions and learn more about the Coptic heritage and culture which is considered one of greatest factors of the Egyptian history

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