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Coptic private tour


3 hours


Private tour introduce and present my Coptic Culture in Aswan. You will visit the most important Coptic Christian attractions and learn more about the Coptic heritage and culture which is considered one of greatest factors of the Egyptian history. Visiting the amazing monastery of St. Simeon and the beautiful cathedral of arch angel Michael then St. Tereza coptic catholic church.


. Professional English speaking Egyptologist guide.
. Private Felucca boat.
. Camels ride
. Bottle of water.
. Private A/C car.


. Ticket entrance fee.


Our guide will pick you up to take the Felucca boat to sail across the Nile River then if you want its optional : take a camel ride in the desert or by walking 30 minutes in the desert to one of the best Coptic attractions in Egypt the Monastery of St. Simeon which is located on the opposite side of Elephantine Island. It was constructed during the 7th century and renovated during the 10th century. The monastery was originally dedicated to Anba Hadra who renounced the world on his wedding day and became a monk. The structure is surrounded by desert sand, it's built on two levels – the lower level of stone and the upper level of mud-brick – surrounded by 10m-high walls.
After visiting St Simeon Monastery, we will be back in Aswan City where you will have some free time, I can recommend you on some wonderful typical Egyptian restaurant in the city .
then visit the wonderful Catholic church of St. Tereza of Aswan.

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