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On the first of June 1886, at nine o'clock in the morning, Khedive Tawfiq, seventeen ministers, and a number of high-ranking personalities attended, in order to decipher the linen scrolls and shrouds of Egypt’s Pharaoh Ramses II, and

reveal his face for the first time. Khedive Tawfiq insisted on attending to see the Pharaoh of Egypt whom he had heard about A lot and its effects spread all over the country.

There were very thin coils of linen under the thick shrouds, and during the jawning of Maspero, the French archaeologist and translator of hieroglyphic texts for Egyptology, t

he ligament was very careful so that the mummy would not be accidentally broken, especially since the linen was wrapped very carefully and very tightly, and upon reaching the chest area and during The jaw of the linen, suddenly Maspero retreated with a sharp movement, and the cry of his assistant rose in place as he retreated quickly, the Khedive and those with him stood with great astonishment and fear, looking at this unusual event that occurred, as the left hand of King Ramses rose without introductions, so they felt that the mummy was moving and the Khedive fainted Tawfiq from the severity of fear.

There was silence for a minute, and the eyes were attached to the mummy as if they expected the rise of the Pharaoh of Egypt angry at them, because they revealed the linen that protects his body. A state of amazement and amazement, how did this happen ?!

But the interpretation of one of the Egyptian archaeologists came later, that the left hand of the mecca was not in a comfortable position when embalming, and that is why it rose to the top as soon as the coils were loosened, which was pressing them strongly, and from its time with the hand raised.

When Maspero finished unwrapping the wraps completely from the mummy and became naked, and suddenly something else happened that surprised everyone and panicked them, so they rushed towards the mummy to the point that they ignored the formalities until Khedive Tawfiq almost fell on the ground from the other surprise that Maspero found when the ligaments were removed, where they found A prince from the 20th family was buried alive inside the coffin in a situation that is the strangest. After unwrapping the scrolls, a young man was found in the mid-thirties, and his feet were tied, his hand and his mouth open, and his face had signs of fear and terror, the scholars were confused a lot until they reached that the young man is the son of King Ramses .

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