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Aswan Nobles tombs

The Tombs of the Nobles are situated near the West Bank of Aswan at the northern edge of Elephantine Island. They are of significant ‎importance as they give us the chance to know about the history of this section of ‎Egypt during the Old and the Middle Kingdom


The British archeologist Lord Greenville discovered the Tombs of the Nobles between 1885 and 1886 and was the first scientist to explore this important ‎historical site.
The Tombs of the Nobles located in Aswan are also called the tombs of Qubat El ‎Hawa and this historical site, although it is among the less visited monuments in ‎Upper Egypt, has some wonderful ancient art and noteworthy ‎importance of the Middle and the Old Kingdoms. ‎The wall paintings inside the Tombs of the Nobles are wonderfully alive and they ‎display the daily life activities of the ancient Egyptians in a magnificent masterpiece ‎of art. ‎


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The most important and beautiful tombs in the Tombs of the Nobles in Aswan are ‎the tombs of Harkhuf, Sarenput II, and the tomb of Sabni and Mekho. Many tours ‎can be organized in Aswan to include exploring the Tombs of the Nobles, situated in ‎the West Bank of the Nile. ‎ A small old passageway leads to a staircase that takes the guests to the upper open ‎courtyard where the tombs were dug. There are a large number of tombs dating to ‎the Middle and Old Kingdoms periods. However, only some of them are worth a ‎visit. ‎Here's a guide to the tombs that are worth checking out:


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Ticket entrance fee :  70 Egyptian pound


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