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Kom ombo temple

One of the most unusual temples of Ancient Egypt, Kom Ombo was mainly built during the Ptolemaic Dynasty from 180 - 47 BCE, although there is evidence that it is stood upon an earlier temple

The temple is unique for its dedication to two different deities: the local crocodile-headed god Sobek, and the first "god of the Kingdom", the falcon-headed god Horus the Elder (also called Haroeris). This double dedication was deliberate. Not only is it architecturally duplicated, with two sets of courts, hypostyle halls and sanctuaries, the twin temple is symbolic of the local and universalist themes that the two different deities represented.

kom ombo temple front view - aswanluxortours

While much of Kom Ombo temple has been destroyed over the millennia, it has been reconstructed in part, and it is still home to a number of well-preserved and fascinating reliefs, including some intricately carved columns and friezes divided between the two gods. The layout of the complex - apart from being a double temple - is similar to that of the Temple of Edfu.

kom ombo temple wall scene - aswanluxortours

Until very recently, the River Nile was infested with crocodiles of which the Ancient Egyptians were naturally scared. However, there was an ancient belief that if they worshipped the animal, it wouldn't attack them, and at Kom Ombo there was also a small pool in which the reptiles were raised. One of the highlights of the visit to this temple is the Crocodile Museum, where some of the many hundreds of mummified crocodiles found in the area are exhibited along with intriguing explanations.

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Ticket entrance fee : 140 Egyptian pound


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