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Kalabsha temple

It is a Nubian temple that was almost destroyed by the flooding waters of Lake Nasser. Fortunately, many of its monuments were rescued before the floodwaters could get to them. In the 1960s, a rescue operation conducted by the German Federal Republic had transported the temple to its present location. The UNESCO sponsored this successful operation.


Originally, the Kalabsha Temple was 56 kilometers away from Aswan. To relocate the temple, the rescue workers had to dismantle the entire structure and transport the pieces to New Kalabsha Island. Aswan High Dam is to the north of it. If you go to the damn, you can see the temple with a pair of binoculars.

It is believed that Kalabsha Temple was originally constructed on top of a previous New Kingdom site. This may have been for Caesar Augustus during the age of the Roman Empire. The temple was constructed to honor Osiris, Horus-Mandulis, and Isis. Sandstone blocks were used to construct this Nubian freestanding temple. There is no other temple like this one.


During the relocation process of the temple, workers discovered a granite gateway which was eventually offered to the Berlin Agyptisches Museum. The design of the temple contains the classic Egyptian style appearance. There are Ptolemaic columns, an open court, screen walls, and a hypostyle hall. The latter features decorations of ritual scenes involving Southern Egyptian gods like Min and Khnum.

In the sanctuary, there are three chambers that lead to each other one by one. Each room has at least two columns in it. The farthest room was the Holy of Holies, which got turned into a Christian church later. The inner temple building has a passage around it, just like the Ptolemaic temple design.

Ticket entrance fee : 70 Egyptian pound

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