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Felucca ride in sunset 


1 hour


Are you honeymooners ?! Or a couple who are seeking for a very special and private romantic moments that you will never forget forever?

Then this is can be your best choice !!!.... Yes here over the symphonic waves of the nile between his two great banks which witnesed miliones of legendry love tales over the ancient history… Now you can add your moments of your own love story over its sacred water to live forever like the nile love stories too . On felucca on the sunset with colourful reddish sky and the most elegant softy sands and between greeny great islands this will inspire your love feeling and make these moment unforgettable by having a chance of taking a very unique pictures in the most fantastic view …. So for what are you waiting ?... come now and make it for real...

Included :

- Felucca boat


- Soft drinks


- Some snacks (homeily made with love )

Excluded :

- Anything extra.

Itinerary :

- The guide will pick you up from your hotel/cruise to take you in trip by private felucca boat in the Nile at sunset time and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere sailing around the beautiful islands of Aswan. it will take around 1 hour then take you back to your hotel/cruise.

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