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Botanical garden

The island is also called Kitchener Island because in 1899, Lord Kitchener, during his military campaigns in Sudan, made this island the headquarters for his army. It was then known as Lord's House.

Soon after he left the island, it was given back to the ministry of irrigation and was then known as the King's Island.

Since 1928, the ministry of irrigation has transformed the island to feature trees from the 5 continents. 


The island has 3 entrances. The main entrance is located on the northern tip of the island. The best way to see the island, without lots of walking, is to enter the main entrance and walk the full length of the island till you reach the southern tip.The Aswan botanical island is divided into 27 squares with vertical and horizontal paths cutting each other making it like a chess board. It is an amazing experience exploring this island and all that it has to offer.


There is a huge variety of plantations and trees on the island. Some of which were naturally found on the island, before it was converted into a botanical island, and others have been brought in. There is a number of rare palm trees such as the Royal Palm tree, the Sabal Palm tree, and the Phonic Pam tree.

Ticket entrance fee : 40 Egyptian pound

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