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Abu Simbel temples

The site of Abu Simbel is considered one of the major landmarks in Egypt and also consider one of ancient wonders of the world. It was built by the most famous and greatest pharaoh , Ramses II . This huge cut hewn temple marked the south borders of Egypt with Nubia during New kingdom.


These temples were built to show the power to the enemies of Egypt as soon as their eyes laid on these giant statues they will think twice before attacking Egypt.

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Day tour in Aswan , Philae temple, High dam, Obelisk


It is located in Abu Simbel village . A small village at south of Aswan city near the border with Sudan on the west bank of lake Nasser the biggest artificial lake in the world.


Temples were built for honoring Ramses II and his beloved wife queen Nefertari , and also for commemorating his victories over enemies in battles specially the famous battle of kadesh.

Abu simble temples - aswanluxortours
Sound and light show at Philae temple

Sound and light show at Philae temple

Trip to abu simble by coach

Trip to abu simble by coach

Trip to Nubian village by boat

Trip to Nubian village by boat


Temples had been forgotten for long years and completely covered by sand till 1813 a famous swiss traveler called Burckhardt rediscovered the temples and since the beginning of 20th century it became very popular site in south of Egypt.

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Trip to Kalabsha temple and Nubian museum

Abu simble temples - aswanluxortours
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Trip to Kom ombo and Edfu temples from aswan


As result of building  High dam water of the Nile started rise up to be a big danger to temples that's  why the temples relocated to a new location higher than the original location within 64 meters . The project of relocating the temples was considered a miracle of angering  during this time . They removed the temples piece by piece and it was really very massive work. They started in 1964 and finished in 1968. 


There are two temples. The first one is the Great Temple which is dedicated to Ramesses II himself and the second temple, Small Temple, which is dedicated to his wife Queen Nefertari.

The temple is consisting of :

The big Temple :

The big temple is dedicated to god Amun Ra , Ra Horakhty, Ptah and Ramses II . The entrance to the Great Temple is flanked by four colossal statues on its facade, 20 m statues, each one representing Ramesses II seated on a throne. The façade of the main temple is decorated with hieroglyphs that commemorate the great victory of Ramses II at the Battle of Kadesh.

After the entrance there are numbers of rooms at the end there is the last room, The sanctuary which is the holiest part of the temple and the darkest one.

The small temple :

This temple is dedicated to goddess Hathor but it was built for honoring the beautiful queen Nefertari . The façade of the temple is decorated by beautiful giant statues of the queen Nefertari and king Ramses II

Abu simble temples - aswanluxortours


The temple is lightening by the sun 2 times every year deep inside the temple the sun illuminate the statue of Ramses between the gods.

The ancient Egyptian architects designed the temple to be illuminated by the sun in 2 particular days , the first day is 22 nd of February the memory of his coronation day and 22 nd of October his birthday .


2 times per years people around the world come to watch this amazing phenomena happens second by second and enjoy these moments live in the early morning in 22nd February  and 22nd of October 

Ticket entrance fee255 Egyptian pound


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