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“People don’t take trips, trips take people.”

Feel free to plan now your tour and travel in anytime 

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Unforgettable experience in LUXOR and ASWAN

Have a great experience in visiting around & enjoy making sightseeing trips & daily tours in the most historical part of Egypt and discover the glory of the past with the taste of the present...

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Aswan Luxor Tours

We are the ONLY travel agency specialized in tours in upper Egypt Based on the passion of traveling, With us you will enjoy  the quality of PRIVATE sightseeing trips & daily tours in the same VALUE of group tours. Our intention has always been to help you plan the vacation of your dreams and make it coming for true in the Land of Pharaohs. Visiting the glamorous ASWAN and the legendary LUXOR and sail across the beauty of the Nile. You will have all the flexibility to plan your own trip by yourself in anytime without any rush ... now its time to ... 


Aswan the real beauty

Most requested daily tours in Aswan

Abu simble tour

Aswan day tour

Nubian village tour

Botanical garden & Nobles tombs tour

Coptic tour

Komombo & Edfu temples tour


The legendary Luxor

Most requested daily tours in Luxor

Hot air balloon tour

Full day in Luxor east bank

Full day in Luxor west bank

Hot air Balloon ride

Dendera & Abydos temples tour

Banana island tour

Esna temple tour

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Rick, 54

Me and my family enjoyed our tour with Mena so far , it was wonderful and rich experience with him.




  • Are Aswan and Luxor safe ?
    Aswan and Luxor are considered one of the safest destination in Egypt . you will be in a great atmosphere of warm hospitality , friendly and kind hearted locals . you will be able to discover Aswan and Luxor simply and in very safe mood and even you will feel like home .
  • What kind of transportation can be used between Aswan and Luxor ?
    There are two main affordable ways for traveling between Aswan and Luxor , first is by high way either using private transportation ( cars or bus ) or you can take trains and there are a lot of trains avaliable with different classes and in different timing you can pick up what suits you.
  • Are pictures allowed in historical sites ?
    Yes photography is allowed in the most historical sites like temples and museumes , but there are some particular places ask for extra charges for taking pictures inside if you are using professional cameras like in some tombs in valley of the kings and in Abu Simblel temples.
  • What are the opening and close hours of the historical sites in Aswan and Luxor ?
    Most of the historical sites open at 7 am until 5 pm at summer time and in winter time untill 4 pm but in holy islamic month Ramadan can be changed .
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